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can guinea pigs eat dead grass

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Dead Grass?

Dead grass is that kind of grass which has been cut off from its roots and then left to die.

It is often fed to many types of animals such as horses and rabbits. It is good for them to chew on.

Dead grass which is left to dry turns into hay, of which there are many types of hay that available for animals to eat.

Can guinea pigs eat dead grass?

Yes they can eat dead grass.

They love to eat dead grass as its great for them to chew on, however they love fresh grass more as it has more of the nutrients that they need.

So they can be fed either.

Just a side note, my piggies have never been as keen on dead grass.

They will tend to leave it until they have nothing left to chew on and then they go for it.

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can guinea pigs eat tissues

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Tissue Paper?

If you are tempted to find something for your piggies to chew on, or want to give them some more bedding you may be tempted to lay down some tissue paper.

Tissue paper or simply tissue is a lightweight paper or, light crêpe paper.

Tissue can be made from recycled paper pulp.

Key properties are absorbency, basis weight, thickness, bulk (specific volume), brightness, stretch, appearance, and comfort.

Tissue paper is produced on a paper machine that has a single large steam heated drying cylinder fitted with a hot air hood.

The raw material is paper pulp.

The Yankee cylinder is sprayed with adhesives to make the paper stick.

Can guinea pigs eat tissue paper?

This is fine for them to use.

Most tissue paper these days is free of any kind of materials which they may be sensitive to.

If they do chew it, they won’t do for too long once they realize it isn’t to their taste.

If they happen to swallow some, they will find a way of digesting it.

Its the same as laying down a newspaper for them.

So it is fine for them to chew on, just make sure it isn’t fragranced and us just plain tissue paper.

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can guinea pigs eat paper towels

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Paper Towels?

So we have looked at how paper towel rolls are pretty interesting for guinea pigs, can guinea pigs eat or chew paper towels?

Can guinea pigs eat paper towels?

Well yes, they can, and they will be fine for them to chew and eat, just like any other paper.

But they really shouldn’t be part of their staple diet, besides the fact that once they realize they don’t taste of good veggies or decent grass hay, they will quickly turn off it and move on to something else.

image wikipedia

This is why paper towels work quite well as a base bedding or bedding itself as they are something safe for guinea pigs to sleep on.

However, they do need changing often as guinea pigs do pee a lot and so they will get soggy very quickly.

can guinea pigs eat newspaper

Can Guinea Pigs eat Newspaper?

If you have guinea pigs, you will probably put down newspaper for them to bed on. Newspaper acts as the layer between the base of your guinea pigs cage and the hay that they bed on.

However, what happens if they start chewing and eating up the newspaper? (source wikipedia)

Is that Okay?

Can guinea pigs eat newspaper?

Yes Newspaper is fine for guinea pigs to chew on and eat.

Newspapers used to use toxic inks for their print many years ago, but these days the ink used is very much non-toxic.

The standard ink used is called carbon black, which contains ingredients of low threat.

Once the ink dries it becomes stable and has no risk or toxicity through absorption or inhalation. (source ask jeeves)

Every time I lay down a newspaper, it ends up torn, chewed, ripped up by my piggies.

However, they never do eat it all, it is just not to their taste so they generally just chew it and then leave it,

But it is safe for them to chew on and if they so wish to eat. Not that they will do so for long.

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