can guinea pigs eat rye grass

Can guinea pigs eat rye grass?

Rye grass is a species of grass that is often used for lawns.

It is also used as pasture land for grazing and hay for livestock, and as a highly nutritious stock feed.

It is characterized as fast to establish and hardwearing.

Rye grass is also tolerant of cylinder and rotary mowers, and grows well in cold or damp conditions.

It does not like shad or dry conditions.

It is often perceived as a weed-like plant and the term ryegrass free is often used to describe more ornamental grass. (source)

Can guinea pigs eat rye grass?

They can eat it, it won’t harm them at all. However, it is not very common as grass compared to other species.

However, beware that if they have too much of it too soon it will affect them.

Just like eating regular grass, eating too much of it when they haven’t eaten it before will give them soft poop.

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