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Why Do Guinea Pigs Sleep With Their Eyes Open?

Why Do Guinea Pigs Sleep With Their Eyes Open?

Guinea pigs are the most interesting pets. The more you get to know them, the more fascinating things about them you discover.

One of the fascinating things about them is that they sleep with their eyes open.

You wouldn’t necessarily notice this feature about them if you didn’t spend time observing them.

In fact if you only saw them during the day time, you might assume that they do what we do when we go to sleep.

But this is not the case.

Guinea pigs sleep in cycles, in short bursts of sleep throughout the day and the night. They have no particular period which they sleep.

They sleep when they need to sleep.

So along with this is the fact that they can sleep with their eyes open.

Why Do Guinea Pigs Sleep With Their Eyes Open?

The reason guinea pigs sleep with their eyes open is that it is a natural defense for them to keep an eye out for predators.

Over time they have learned to keep their eyes open at all times so that they remain alert to predators.

This is even the case when they are asleep.

Although the may look awake, a guinea pig can go into a state of sleep.

However, it also means that they can make a move in a split second even from a sleep state.

It is a quality that has kept them alive and are able to survive throughout the centuries.

Combining this with sleeping for short periods keeps them alert and ready to move when they need to.

So is there any occasion when they close their eyes to sleep?

Do guinea pigs close their eyes at any time?

Guinea pigs do close their eyes to go to sleep. But only rarely.

They only tend to do this when they feel really comfortable and at ease in the environment that they are in.

You can actually tell when a guinea pig is really relaxed when they close their eyes to sleep as it means that they sense no danger around them and feel completely at ease to close their eyes.

They feel that they are not going to be attacked.

It is a great compliment to you when they do this, that you have created an environment that they feel relaxed enough to do this. So well done if this is so!

It is right up there with them licking you, and purring in your presence as a sign that they like you and trust you.

Why Do Guinea Pigs Lick You

Why Do Guinea Pigs Lick You?

Guinea pigs are creatures of whom it is hard to know what they are thinking and feeliing. They are not ones for physically expressing their emotions like some animals do. They don’t express anger, sadness, happiness, and sadness obviously and so it hard for people to know what it is going on with them.

However, there are certain actions that they do that can give a good idea of what they are thinking and feeling.

One of those actions is when they lick you. This can be a strange thing for them to do at first. Their tongue is quite rough on your skin and it can feel a little weird having their saliva on your skin even if it is a faint wetness.

So there may be occasions when a guinea pig licks you when you pick them up or when they come up close to you.

Why Do Guinea Pigs Lick You?

They basically do this for one reason.

When they lick you, they are basically showing affection to you. It’s a great compliment when a guinea pig licks you and shows you that they like you.

They do this when they are close to you and when you pick them up a lot. When they trust you and have confidence in you they only tend to do this.

So be pleased that they choose to do this and is right up there with them purring in your presence as showing real affection, trust and confidence in you.

It is is a real gift from them to you.

The only other time that guinea pigs will also lick is when they are grooming themselves by licking their fur. They use their coarse tongue to get rid of any grime or grit on their fur which they cant get rid of otherwise. They don’t mind doing this and it doesn’t affect their taste buds when they lick their own fur, no matter what the substance is on it. Their only concern is getting the substance off their fur, as they are clean animals.

When they lick you, it could also be said that they are trying to clean you as well and see sense something on your skin that they want to rid you off.

This is a nice theory which although cannot be proven, has some merit but if so is a terrific act of generosity from the piggie to you.




can guinea pigs be trained

Can guinea pigs be trained?

Can guinea pigs be trained? Guinea pigs are creatures who can be very adaptable once they get to know you. Like many animals, once you gain their trust and they have grown to like you, they become more adaptable to doing the things that you ask them to do.

When they don’t trust you, are scared and simply run from you, this cant be the case and it is impossible to get them to become more adaptable when they don’t want to come near you.

But once you do gain their trust they are much more willing to do the things you want them to do.

You can establish communication between the two of you

Can guinea pigs be trained?

It depends on what you want them to do. Once you gain their trust you can teach them to do new things.

These range from the most basic of tasks and overtime can be developed to encompass more complicated things that you might ask them to do.

Just like this little guy here!

can guinea pigs be bathed

Can guinea pigs be bathed?

So can guinea pigs be bathed?

Can guinea pigs be bathed?

it is not a good idea to bathe them, guinea pigs wash themselves and do not take well to water. There is absolutely no need to bathe them unless they are long haired piggies and need assistance. For more information on bathing long haired guinea pigs, check out this video.

If they do get into the water they need to be dried thoroughly. Have at least two towels ready to get your piggie dry. Make sure you towel dry your guinea pig gently, also utilizing a hair dryer very gently at its lowest setting. Make sure it isn’t too hot for them testing it against your skin.

If you do decide to bathe them, then make sure they are held firmly without hurting them as they will struggle to get away from you. They won’t enjoy the experience at all and will find it stressful.

For more information about how guinea pigs clean themselves, check out this article





Why it's important to handle a guinea pig once a day

Why its important to handle a guinea pig once a day

Why it’s important to handle a guinea pig once a day. As guinea pigs are social creatures they really enjoy being handled with care and gentleness.

It may take time for them to get to that place but once they trust you enough for this to happen, they can form a close bond with their owner.

It also gives them comfort and attention, something that guinea pigs enjoy.

The earlier you start this process, the better. It is far easier to start this when they are young rather than with grown and mature guinea pigs.

Why it’s important to handle a guinea pig once a day.

This is because you have the opportunity to build trust with them from an early age.

Starting this later in their life is more difficult as they become less trusting as they get older.

This is especially the case if they have been mistreated at all, during their upbringing.

They could also not have been handled and so are just not used to an owner taking this kind of interest in them.

A good resource for picking up a guinea pig is this video.

my new guinea pig is scared

My new guinea pig is scared

My new guinea pig is scared. This is a common thing for a guinea pig to experience. Guinea pigs are very timid creatures and will run away from the smallest of threats. This is because they are predator animals and so will protect themselves from threats to their existence.

They can get very scared if they disturbed in any way and are always on the lookout for threats.

My new guinea pig is scared


So when they go to a new environment like a home with unfamiliar people, a guinea pig will get scared. You may well find that they hide out for a while and take their time to learn to trust you.

But there are some things you can do to help them become less scared.

  1. Make their new home as comfortable as can be
  2. Have lots of food and water available.
  3. Avoid making loud noises
  4. Keep it away from busy areas.
  5. Give it a hidey home to hide away from.
  6. Speak gently to your guinea pig.
  7. Avoid touching it for a while.

For more information about looking after a guinea pig for the first time, check out this post.

Can a guinea pig live outside through winter

Can a guinea pig live outside through winter?

Can a guinea pig live outside through winter? It depends on the temperature during your winter time.

If the temperature is mild during your winter time, then they will be fine living outside.

Can a guinea pig live outside through winter?

However, if it is bitterly cold during your winter time then they must be brought inside or into some kind of shelter or outhouse at least.

This will bring them out any bitter wind or snow that will affect them.

They will feel cold if it drops severely.

If you are in doubt about whether to bring them in or whether to leave them outside, it is always better to bring them inside.

should guinea pigs eat all day

Should Guinea Pigs Eat All Day?

Should guinea pigs eat all day? Guinea pigs will eat all day if you let them. They have huge appetites and are always on the lookout for things to eat and chew.

If food is left out for them, they will eat it in time.

Some guinea pigs are good at self-regulating themselves, but others are not and will overeat.

Should Guinea Pigs Eat All Day?

The best thing to do is to regulate the portions of food you give them each day, but give them a constant supply of hay to chew and water to drink.

They will be happy with this as it means that they can stay hydrated and keep their teeth ground down at the same time.

Hay and water are great for them and they can never have enough of these two food sources.


can guinea pigs freeze to death

Can Guinea Pigs Freeze to Death?

When it get’s cold and the temperature starts to drop, it is always the best idea to bring a guinea pig inside the home or put them in an outhouse or shelter.

It is understood that this may not be an option for some owners as they are limited for space, but if the temperature starts to get below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, it can get quite risky for the guinea pig to stay outside.

Can Guinea Pigs Freeze to Death?

If a guinea pig remains outside when the temperature get’s this low, then there is a risk that it will be detrimental to their health

So yes, they can freeze to death if they are left outside in extreme temperatures.

Guinea pigs have been known to freeze when left out in extreme temperatures.

Their systems seize up when exposed to such freezing temperatures.

What happens if you just get a cold snap?

In your home, you may not have that much space for them to run around in, but even if you provide a small guinea pig cage for them to reside in during the cold spell, it is better than nothing.

This is why it is always best if they can be brought into a warmer place, even if it is a more enclosed area that doesn’t give that much space for the guinea pig.

If there was a choice between them being warm and living in a tight space for a short time, then I would choose the tight space.

Living in areas with extreme temperatures

If you live in an area which has a sustained regular cold spell, then the guinea pig/s should be inside all of the time.

Especially if there is snow, as they should never be exposed to it!

So if you are thinking of getting a guinea pig and you live in an area which gets regular freezing temperatures, then you should be planning to keep them inside and not outside.

A good related article on this subject is 18 ways to keep a guinea pig warm

Can guinea pigs go out in the rain?

In this post we look at the question ‘can guinea pigs go out in the rain?’

If you keep your guinea pigs outside then one of the elements that they will encounter is the rain.

It is inevitable that they will get wet from time to time if they stay outside.

But is it healthy for them to go out in the rain?

Many owners keep guinea pigs inside to keep them away from the elements such as this due to the effect it has on them, and its potential to make them unwell if they stay outside and get wet.

Can guinea pigs go out in the rain?

Generally it is not good for guinea pigs to go outside in the rain, however, they can go out in it and they will.

It is worse for them to experience the rain than it is for us.

They won’t be that bothered by light rain unless it gets heavier. In my experience, guinea pigs will go out in most weather especially if food is involved.

They may also go out to investigate something if that thing has sparked their interest.

They are very inquisitive creatures and won’t hesitate to go out whatever the weather.

If the rain is heavy, however, they will look to stay inside as it does affect them if the rain is heavy.

What happens if guinea pigs go out in the rain?

If a guinea pig goes out into the rain, they will obviously feel it on their fur and on their skin.

Despite not minding going out into the rain if they want to, they will find it unpleasant.

The fur of a guinea pig does not dry quickly and the only way of it drying is by letting the air around them dry it for them.

Their fur is there to protect their skin and keep them warm. If their fur gets wet they will get cold as it is no longer doing its job.

Their fur is vital for them.

If their skin gets cold then it opens them up to getting unwell.

Guinea pigs can suffer from hypothermia if they are left in a prolonged state of cold which they could well die from.

What can you do to help them?

One of the best things you can do if you keep your piggies outside is to put a cover your guinea pigs enclosure.

This can be a tarpaulin which is pegged down or held down by some other means so that it does not fly away.

You could also use a piece of plastic sheeting in the same way.

What this will do is to protect your piggies from the elements and keep them dry.

This will keep their fur and skin from getting cold and potentially getting sick.

So you will be doing them a favor by doing this.