my new guinea pig is scared

My new guinea pig is scared

My new guinea pig is scared. This is a common thing for a guinea pig to experience. Guinea pigs are very timid creatures and will run away from the smallest of threats. This is because they are predator animals and so will protect themselves from threats to their existence.

They can get very scared if they disturbed in any way and are always on the lookout for threats.

My new guinea pig is scared


So when they go to a new environment like a home with unfamiliar people, a guinea pig will get scared. You may well find that they hide out for a while and take their time to learn to trust you.

But there are some things you can do to help them become less scared.

  1. Make their new home as comfortable as can be
  2. Have lots of food and water available.
  3. Avoid making loud noises
  4. Keep it away from busy areas.
  5. Give it a hidey home to hide away from.
  6. Speak gently to your guinea pig.
  7. Avoid touching it for a while.

For more information about looking after a guinea pig for the first time, check out this post.

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