can guinea pigs do tricks

Can Guinea Pigs Do Tricks?

Guinea pigs are capable of surprising things.

I often see them trying to clamber up the side of their cage when they know food is one the way, or leaping across the ground towards something in particular. I have seen them jump and occasionally popcorn.

So can guinea pigs do tricks?

Yes they can do tricks. They are well capable of doing tricks and being taught them. You just have to know how to teach them and have the patience to help them along.

If you spend time getting to know your guinea pig, helping them get to know you. Helping them to become tamer and more familiar and trusting with you, you can train them to do tricks.

This is a good site to use to train your guinea pig

Do bear in mind that they are intelligent creatures and can be trained to follow simple commands so as to do things like tricks.

To make sure that everything goes okay, ensure that you look after your guinea pig well and make sure that they are happy and content in their everyday life.

Each guinea pig is different and unique in their own way. It may be that your guinea pig takes that bit longer to catch on to what you are doing and trying to teach them.

This is why its important to keep being patient with them.

Positive reinforcement is a good thing to use with them and then with patience and understanding, they will gradually be able to follow some basic commands and then over time some more advance commands as well.

Check out these tricks you can train your guinea pig to do;

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