can guinea pigs choke

Can Guinea Pigs Choke?

Guinea pigs are creatures that love to eat.

They will try and eat anything they like the smell of and gets the approval of their nostrils. Unfortunately sometimes this can lead to some unfortunately things being eaten that shouldn’t be eaten, if we are not careful.

They are well capable of eating things that aren’t designed to be eaten by guinea pigs. So if this happens….

Can guinea pigs choke?

Yes they can choke on things. It is not a good idea to give them food which is hard for them to digest or chew as they can easily choke on it.

It is hard to know what to do if your piggie starts to choke, but with a bit of knowledge you can help your guinea pig in this kind of situation.

Sometimes, its a case of their food not being digested properly and they can easily recover, such as in this situation.


However, there may be a situation where matters deteriorate and they need further help to help them in this situation. Unfortunately, this situation does happen and a little bit of knowledge of this situation can be really helpful.

Here is a great post to help your piggie if they are choking. It is regarding choking rabbits and the Heimlich Maneuver, however this can be transferred to guinea pigs in this situation.

See here


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