can guinea pigs eat canned corn

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Canned Corn?

Guinea pigs are known to eat pretty much anything and hey tend to really enjoy fresh corn. In fact we’ve already looked at whether they can eat corn or not.

But can guinea pigs eat canned corn and if they can, how much of it can they eat.

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Unfortunately canned corn is not good for guinea pigs to eat. The thing is that canned corn is pretty high in salt which is not good at all for them. They also have a high water content and have additives put in them to preserve me for longer.

Instead of giving me canned vegetables, why not try fresh vegetables which are much better for guinea pigs.

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  1. I have a guinie pig probably 6 or 7 months i herd you have to have more than one for them to survive longer but he spends time with my golden retriver out of his cage is that ok

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