Can guinea pigs and chinchillas live together

Can Guinea Pigs And Chinchillas Live Together?

Guinea pigs and chinchillas are both from the rodent family. This means that they share similar characteristics and behavior which characterizes them in that family which is a single pair of continuously growing incisors in each of the upper and lower jaws.

For instance, they both need to chew constantly so as to grind down their teeth. Their teeth are constantly growing and so the only way they keep them trim is to grind them down by chewing things. Otherwise, they get both painful for both guinea pigs and chinchillas.

They are also both prey animals so they are always on the lookout for danger. This is what has helped preserve them over the centuries and means they are here today.

Both species also hail from South America from the Andes region.

Both species make great pets and their popularity as such has increased throughout the world. Indeed some owners have both species as pets.

So although they share that characteristics, this is about where it ends in the similarities between these two species.

What are chinchillas like?

Chinchillas very much prefer to be with their own kind. They like their own space and do not share easily with other different species.

They are a social herd though and live in colonies when they are in the wild. But they can be kept on their own as well and are perfectly happy being on their own. They enjoy their independence.

If they have been together since birth and have grown up together then it is good to keep them together.

If you have a chinchilla that is timid and submissive then it is much better to keep them on their own rather than put them with an aggressive chinchilla.

Guinea pigs are also not very good at living with other species in general. They are a social species and much prefer the company of their own kind, especially if they have lived together since birth. Two guinea pigs that have been brought together later in life take their time to get to know each other.
Two females can get along together and a single fixed male piggie can usually live with two or three females as well.
Guinea pigs have different nutritional requirements from other species and tend to eat food that is different from other species.
For example, Guinea pig pellets and mix and chinchilla mix should not be eaten by the other species
Can guinea pigs and chinchillas live together?
This means it is not good for both guinea pigs and chinchillas to share the same living space and be with each other. This is because;
1. They have different nutritional requirements.
2. They both prefer living with their own kind.
3. They will both have a tendency to fight each other and defend their space if it is invaded by the other species, which may result in injuries.
Of course, there are exceptions to this rule, where an experienced owner has successfully introduced a chinchilla to a guinea pig and they cohabit well together.
However, this is not a recommended action and can easily turn sour especially if one is not experienced in looking after them.
Even putting them adjacent to each other in separate cages may cause stress.

It is far better to keep them in separate enclosures away from each other.

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