Can Guinea Pigs And Dogs Get Along?

Guinea pigs and dogs are two very popular pets which can often be owned by the same owner.

Because of their popularity, many guinea pig owners may also own a dog and so in this situation, they are often kept separate from each other with the guinea pig put in a separate room from the dog.

Often a guinea pig will scare very easily and when confronted with a dog they can be absolutely petrified.

In fact the shock may be even enough to do them damage and even kill them.

But is it actually possible for a dog and guinea pig to get along?

Can guinea pigs and dogs get along?

If two different pets are are to ever get along, especially two completely different animals such as a dog and a guinea pig then a good introduction needs to be made that avoids any kind of tension and be made in a slow and considered manner over a period of time.

If a guinea pig and dog are introduced in a slow and considered manner, then this can be done successfully.

What types of dog could get along with a guinea pig?

When it comes to the type of dog which might get along with a guinea pig then younger dogs are more likely to be adaptable to this situation.

Young puppies which are under 4 months old are more likely to accept another species rather than older and more mature dogs that are more set in their ways.

However, they can be quite excitable and so any introduction will require constant monitoring and intervention if things get remotely out of control.

Dogs that also have a strong drive for hunting will not get along well with an animal such as a guinea pig and are more likely to attack them rather than befriend them.

If your dog is passive and shows no desire to hunt will be a better bet to get along with your guinea pig.
A stage by stage guide to introduce your dog to your guinea pig.
If you want to introduce your dog to your guinea pig then the way to do it is to do it in slow stages.
1. When you set up your guinea pig’s cage, let your dog know and see you do it. Avoid letting them see each other, but let them scent each other.
2. Keep the door shut to the room that it is in.
3. Avoid letting them see each other, but let them scent each other. This can be done through vicinity or by sharing an item such as a cloth which has the scent of the other animal on it.
4. If your dog gets upset or aggressive then don’t tell them off, try instead to distract your dog.
5. If you sense that there is no tension in the air, then you can allow the animals to see each other.
6. Let your dog into the room where the guinea pig is but keep control of them at all times
7. If there is any tension then remove the dog from the room.
8. Do this over a number of days in short visits. It will take time, patience and persistence so don’t give up.
9. As your dog and guinea pig become more comfortable with each other you can progress to letting the visits become longer as they become more relaxed in each other’s company.
10. They will require constant supervision until you are absolutely sure that they are relaxed in each other’s company.
This takes time to achieve, but it is something that many dog and guinea pig owners have managed to do.
However, it is quite a skill and not to be attempted unless you know and understand both species of animal.
It should not be attempted unless you are supremely confident in what you are doing.
Otherwise, keep them well separated from each other. They will appreciate it.

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