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can guinea pigs eat mice

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Mice Food?

Many guinea pig owners own multiple pets and so buying food becomes quite an expensive business.

There are many different pets out there that are popular in this day and age which need feeding and maintaining so as to give them a good quality of life.

Pets such as rabbits, mice, rats, hamsters, gerbils, chinchillas to more elaborate pets such bearded dragons and chameleons. They all need looking after.

So if we take mice for instance, can guinea pigs share food with mice so that their owners don’t have to pay out for different types of food?

Can guinea pigs eat mice food?

Mice should be fed a diet of mouse food and also bread as a treat. Bread that has been soaked in water and squeezed out is ideal for them.

Mice don’t actually eat cheese and omnivorous creatures.

In fact, it does not do them any good and is only used in mouse traps as it smells strong and has a good texture for putting on a spike.

How do you keep a mouse healthy?

To keep a mouse healthy, a highly palatable, nutritionally complete diet is needed to meet their specific dietary needs.

A good mix which is made up of wholegrain goodness and includes hazelnuts which are a good source of protein for mice and help maintain excellent health.

There should also be no added sugar, it should be rich in natural ingredients, no artificial colors, highly palatable, rich in natural oxidants, promotes dental wear, helps them maintain healthy skin and coat and suitable for all breeds.

A typical mix also contains such ingredients as wholemeal wheat flour, soybean meal, barley, hazelnuts, oats, dried apples, soya oil, diaclium phosphate, limestone flour, and salt.

All ingredients to give a pet mouse a well-balanced diet.

Can guinea pigs share this kind of food?

However, this type of mix is not good for a guinea pig to share. Sure, if they nibble some of it they will be fine.

But ingredients such as hazelnuts, salt, dried apples and soya oil are just not good for them.

This means that they shouldn’t share mouse food with a pet mouse as guinea pigs have totally different dietary requirements.

A good guinea pig mix will give them the nutritional benefits that a guinea pig needs for a healthy diet and it is not worth compromising on that.

Bread, which is such a good treat for mice, also has no nutritional benefit for guinea pigs either.

For more foods that guinea pigs can and can’t eat, check out our guinea pig food list.

can guinea pigs eat mouse food

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Mouse Food?

Guinea pigs and mice are often owned by the same owners as they are popular household pets who can be looked after in cages within an owners home.

Often they their cages are in close proximity to each other and so this leads to the question.

Can guinea pigs eat mouse food at all?

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Unfortunately they can’t at all and there are some good reasons for this.

1.They are from different groups. Guinea pigs are herbivores which means that they eat plants and greens only where as mice are omnivorous which means that they only eat means that they eat meat and plants. This means that they need different kinds of diets in order to keep them healthy.

2. Mouse food often contains animal fats and other types of animal product which is really bad for guinea pigs.

3. It is vital that guinea pigs have vitamin c in their diet to ensure that their bodies get the vitamin c that it doesn’t make itself.

Mouse food does not have this where as guinea pig food does contain this.

This isn’t the best reason as guinea pigs can always be given other types of food that contains vitamin c, or vitamin c pellets but it is a contributing factor.

So on the whole it is best to stick to giving mice and guinea pigs separate foods because of their different dietary requirements.

I understand that this is more expense but it is best for them both in the long run.