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can guinea pigs eat fabric

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Fabric?

So you’ve let your guinea pigs run around your living room and all of a sudden they start to eat your furniture.

They start gnawing their way through the fabric of your chair because they’ve taken a fancy to it.

It’s happened to me, has it happened to you?

The truth is that guinea pigs will gnaw at anything if you give them a chance.

They really don’t discriminate. They’ll even gnaw through cables if you let them.

image wikipedia

So can guinea pigs eat fabric?

No they can’t really.

They really won’t like it, once they nibble at it.

If they do happen to eat it and swallow it, it shouldn’t do them harm but there could be choking issues if they continue to eat through it.

So do keep an eye on them if you let them loose in your living area¸especially as a fabric is probably one of the safer things they could nibble on.

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