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How Often Should I Change My Guinea Pigs Bedding?

Changing your guinea pigs bedding is something that can get a real pain but it is a necessary thing if you want to keep your guinea pigs cage in a good state.

Most of my experience with guinea pigs has unfortunately come through trial and error so I’ve had times when I’ve let it go a week or so without changing their bedding, but I’ve learnt that the more often I change it, the more my guinea pigs appreciate it.

Most guinea pigs recommend daily spot cleaning which means scooping out the poop and any urine stained newspaper.

This is pretty good advice.

Have you ever laid newspaper down for your guinea pigs to walk on and left it to see how long it stays in its same condition.

After 24 hours it is guaranteed to be stained and sodden with urine. So with that, I try and change any newspaper daily.

It is also worth checking the hay to make sure it is in a good state. If you think it needs changing, then change it. Guinea pigs love fresh hay that is dry, and I lay down meadow hay for mine.

When they see fresh hay, especially laid out in large bundles they go nuts!

Meadow Hay is great for this as it is not expensive at all like Timothy Hay and can be purchased easily from any good pet store.

Make sure it looks green and is not too dried out though.

So how often should I change my guinea pigs bedding?

So I have found that the ideal time period to change a guinea pigs bedding is on a daily basis for newspaper, and then hay every 2-3 days.

By doing this you will ensure that your guinea pigs live in a good state that they are happy in. I can tell that my guinea pigs aren’t happy when I leave their cage unclean for couple of days, believe it or not. Especially when I’m on holiday and they’re just being fed.

You will also ensure that the cage stays fresh and free of urine smells which can become very smelly if you don’t keep on top of it.

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