do guinea pigs mind loud noises

Do Guinea Pigs Mind Loud Noises?

So there may be an occasion where your guinea pigs experience loud noise around their cages. Maybe you have fireworks going off outside, or maybe you have a party going on in your home or loud music playing?

Do guinea pigs mind loud noises at all?

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Unfortunately they don’t like loud noises at all. Guinea pigs like a nice settled environment and get startled very easily at any unforeseen noises.

This means that any bangs, blaring noise or such like, does not go down well with them and they are likely to run off and hide.

This is not to say that they don’t mind mild noise. If they are around your family for instance in the home, they may well enjoy the chatter and the chaos of family life.

But its the sudden loud noises that they won’t like at all.

4 thoughts on “Do Guinea Pigs Mind Loud Noises?

  1. I have two guinea pigs and my mom babysits a little girl who screams a lot and pretty loud.should I get rid of my guinea pigs because of th loud noise or are they fine?

    1. Hi Lily, they should be fine. But do keep a close eye on them. If you feel that they may need moving to a quieter location, then it might be worth doing that.

  2. im playing music on my new record player moderately loud, and i started to worry about my piggies! but they aren’t cowering, i think they actually dont mind it at all. theyre going out their business as normal nd drinking and eating.

  3. I was drilling into the wall of my bedroom and my cavies were out in the hall. My one girl has been grunting and shaking since. Is she going to be alright?

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