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8 Guinea Pig Christmas Ideas for Your Cavy

Its approaching that time of year when people are starting to gear up for the Christmas festivities.

There is always much to do but why not include your guinea pigs in your festivities as well?

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There are some great ideas out there that guinea pig owners have done for their guinea pigs and I’ve listed eight guinea pig Christmas ideas that you could implement for your guinea pig at Christmas time.

1. Make a Christmas tree for them

Although giving them a real ever green Christmas tree is lethal for them. Why not give them their very own Christmas tree.

What you could do is get some apple or pear tree branches which they absolutely love to chew.

Then decorate hem with veggies and treats that they could pick off and enjoy. You could be creative with this and find some tasty treats for them that they have never had before from either the pet store or some veggies or fruits that they have never sampled.

Leave the tinsel though!

2. Give them the boxes to play in that your toys came in

If your household has presents that come in boxes that you would normally throw away, why not give those boxes to your guinea pigs.

They absolutely adore hiding in boxes and jumping in and out of them. Of course it depends on how big your piggies cage is, but hopefully it is large enough to be able to put small boxes in for them to enjoy.

Watch them move them around and tumble around in them, they will love them.

3. Feed the raw veggie left overs

If you are cooking veggies for your Christmas day meal why not save some raw ones for your guinea pigs.

Before cooking up carrots, broccoli, cabbage, and other things, why not save some for your guinea pigs.

Of course¸before you give them to your guinea pigs, check how much you can give to them so that they do eat the right amount. Of course they can’t eat potatoes, meats and stuffing but they will really enjoy the raw veggies you do give to them.

4. Prepare a special raw veggie meal

If you want to go the extra mile, why not give them a nice meal of fresh vegetables, fruits, salads that you can cut up and put together.

There are guinea pig owners that have come up with some wonderful concoctions for guinea pig meals, and you can be really creative with what you come up with for them so that they too can have a Christmas day meal.

This video is a great example

5. Get them an advent calendar

If this is your type of thing, you can buy guinea pig advent calendars that have a treat behind each door for them.

Advent calendars like this are available on the market but do take care with what treats are behind the doors.

However if you are the creative type, you could always make one which you could put little treats that they would love behind each door for them to eat every day during December.

6. Buy them a guinea pig Christmas present

You could buy them something that they’d really love such as a lovely bed or nest that they would love to cuddle up in.

Places such the winking cavy have some great ideas for guinea pig Christmas presents that you may like to have a look at.

Why not get them something that they haven’t got at the moment like a tube to run through or something nice to chew on.

7. Buy them the best grass hay you can buy

If you don’t fancy concocting a Christmas meal for them, why not buy them the best grass hay you can possibly find that is fresh and green.

Oxbow Timothy hay is always good and guinea pigs go mad for it.

8. guinea pig stockings

You could put together a stocking of little gifts and toys by its cage for you to give to them on Christmas morning if you so wish.

You could buy chews, and other small gifts that they would love to play around with for them.

You could also throw in some lovely veggies such as carrots and peppers that they adore eating. It need not be an expensive exercise either.


Of course, guinea pigs have no idea that its Christmas but if they’re part of your family its always nice to include them in the festivities.

There are probably some more great ideas out there that I’ve missed off, but hopefully this post has given you some ideas of your own to help involve your guinea pig in the Christmas festivities.

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  1. Those are some great ideas. Think I might try the guinea pig Christmas stocking. And I really liked the thought of a piggy christmas tree! Wish I had ideas like you. Susan

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