can you keep cats and guinea pigs together

Can You Keep Cats and Guinea Pigs Together?

Cats and guinea pigs. Are they the type of animals that would get along when they are put together?

A lot of owners have both cats and guinea pigs in their home and are loved and valued equally.

They are both great pets that people really love and have affection for and are also pets who give affection back in equal measure

However, cats are very territorial and take exception to other animals on their territory, especially other cats who they do not know. They can be trained to enjoy other animals company though and have been known to be very friendly and hospitable to others on their territory.

There have been instances I have heard of where the cat has almost killed the guinea pig when put together.

Its worth keeping them apart until you are sure that the cat wont be aggressive towards the guinea pig. Until then,keep the guinea pig in a closed cage so that it is safe.

Once they see that the guinea pig cant get to them they may be tempted to swipe at them which is why a top on the cage is a good idea.
You may find that cats are scared of guinea pigs when they are out of the cage.

Cats are hunters by nature and guinea pigs are prey animals so you do need to be careful when putting them together.

If you would dare to do such a thing, then they need to be supervised and be watched carefully until you know that they will be safe in each other’s company.

If they don’t get along then just keep them separate and make sure that they don’t spend time together, however if they do then you may wish to try and extend the relationship between them and the time they spend in each other’s company.

Here’s a vid of a couple who tried. As you can see the cat was intrigued and kept trying to swipe the piggie.

2 thoughts on “Can You Keep Cats and Guinea Pigs Together?

  1. Thank you for this I just got my Guinea pig and I have two cats so I was wanting to see how it would go and this video and info helps me out a lot!!!!

  2. I’ve got two piggies and two cats and two dogs. Only one cat knows that I’ve got the piggies. I had my two piggies out and the cat was in the room, and he goes to sniff them but he’s a really lazy cat and doesn’t hunt, so he sniffed them and walked away which was a relief for me, because I was scared he’d try to get at them.

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