can guinea pigs eat salsa

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Salsa?

Salsa is a big favorite for many people throughout the world, known for its wonderfully tangy taste, spices and other vegetables that it contains.

We love it with Mexican food such as nachos, tortillas and other wonderful culinary dishes.

Can guinea pigs eat salsa?

But can guinea pigs eat Salsa?

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Unfortunately, Salsa is just too hot for them. If they do eat it, it may damage their mouths as they just can’t tolerate spicy foods at all.

Even non-spicy Salsa (if there us such a thing?) is too much for them as sauces such as this just don’t go down well with their stomachs as well.

So Salsa is, unfortunately, a ‘no-go’ with guinea pigs.

There are far too many things that are bad about it as far as guinea pigs are concerned.

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