Can guinea pigs eat cloudberries

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cloudberries?

Cloudberries are golden-yellow fruits with a soft and juicy flesh.

They have a distinctive tart taste and are often made into liqueurs, tarts, juices and jellies.


So if we can eat them, can guinea pigs eat cloudberries and if so, how much of gem can be eaten?

Let’s take a look by checking out their nutritional data.

Calorie Information
Amounts Per Selected Serving%DV
Calories51.0(214 kJ). 3%
Total Carbohydrate. 8.6g. 3%
Total Fat. 0.8g. 1%
Protein. 2.4g. 5%
Vitamin A210IU. 4%
Vitamin C. 158mg. 263%
Thiamin. 0.1mg. 3%
Riboflavin. 0.1mg. 4%
Niacin. 0.9mg. 4%
Calcium. 18.0mg. 2%
Iron. 0.7mg. 4%
Phosphorus. 35.0mg. 4%

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If you go by the data that usda supply, the cloudberries are absolutely fantastic for guinea pigs as they contain a hint of fat, phosphorus and calcium and are a little acidic but they have an absolute ton on vitamin c which is wonderful as our poor guinea pigs can’t produce their own.

So certainly guinea pigs can eat cloudberries, in fact they can be eaten three to four times a week.

Happy eating, piggies 🙂

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