Can Guinea Pigs Cry Tears?

Often you may see that a guinea pig has something in their eyes.

This could either be water or like a milky discharge and it can often look like they are crying.

So can guinea pigs cry tears?

Yes they can but when this happens it means something slightly different to when humans do it.

When you see a guinea pig with watery eyes, this can mean that there is something quite serious doing on.

If their eyes are either watery, then this can mean that there is an issue which needs to be addressed. They could have a common cold, have an injury or a plugged tear duct. .

In any case, if you see that they have watery eyes, it is time to get them to a veterinary surgeon who will be able to take a closer look and diagnose the issue.

This is different from if you see a milky discharge coming from their eyes. This is perfectly normal and is used to lubricate their eyes and to keep their face clean. It is an ingenious way where they allow the discharge to build up and their use their front paws to wipe it on their ace.


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