why do guinea pigs growl

Why Do Guinea Pigs Growl?

Guinea pigs are social creatures and they communicate in a variety of different ways. This is mainly through their movements such as the way they smell each other, the way they look at each other but also through their vocalizations.

The most familiar vocalizations that you will hear from a guinea pig are that of a squeak which they usually use for general communication or a purr which is a sound of contentment.

A happy guinea pig will usually communicate vocally through these methods.

However, there just occasionally one of the ways that a guinea pig will communicate is through growling?

So why do guinea pigs growl?

It is not something you come across that often with piggies. They are quite supple and friendly creatures and you are more likely to hear a guinea pig squeak rather than growl.

But there may be occasions when you do come across this vocalization and it can be quite startling.

  1. Guinea pigs growl when they are scared and frightened.

2. They growl when they feel trapped and cornered feeling no way out of a situation.

3. Guinea pigs will growl when they are about to attack. When they are about to display fierce behavior, they will sometimes vocalize a growl.

These are the types of situation that you may hear this kind of sound, and if they make a sound like a growl and you are aren’t sure what it is, then observe their behavior.

If it is any of the three behaviors then it is likely they have growled.

What does a guinea pig growl sound like?
If you are not sure what a guinea pig growl sounds like, then it is a very low, throaty and gruff sounding vocalization. Quite unlike any other vocalisation that they make.
So if you do hear something like this, don’t be scared. However, be aware that they won’t be feeling great if you see them growling.

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