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can guinea pigs eat degu food

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Degu Food?

Degu food is a special food that is made specifically for degus.

Every pet as a mix, muesli or pellets which they eat and can be purchased from pet stores.

These are made specifically for them which provide for their specific nutritional requirements.

For guinea pigs, guinea pig muesli or mix has vitamin c in it as guinea pigs need it as their bodies don’t produce it.

Degus do share a similar appetite for hays such as timothy hay and meadow hay as well as fresh veggies and fruit.

So they do share quite a similar diet.

Can guinea pigs eat degu food?

If they happen to nibble it they will be fine as degu food is not necessarily bad for them.

However, it should not be purposely be fed to them as it has no nutritional benefit for your guinea pig.

Degu food is made specifically for the nutritional requirements of degus in mind as perfect for them.

But not for piggies who should just eat their own food.

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can guinea pigs overeat

Can Guinea Pigs Overeat?

If there’s one thing that guinea pigs are really good at, its eating.

They will have a nibble at anything and if like the taste of it, they will eat it.

One of the main reasons for this is that their teeth are constantly growing and they need to keep chewing in order to grind down their teeth.

So this means that they always looking for things to chew on. So is there a danger that they could over-eat at all?

Can guinea pigs overeat?

The answer is yes they can.

However, fortunately, most guinea pigs are pretty good at self-regulating themselves.

They don’t eat all the time and do get full like we do.

So it’s important that they always have access to hay to chew on to grind down their teeth as well as vitamin c pellets and fresh water.

But just as importantly its good for them to have space where they can run around so as give them the exercise they need otherwise there is a danger they will get quite large.

What about overindulging piggies?

However, there may be some piggies who will overindulge and eat everything that they see. It’s quite interesting to watch then and why they eat.

Some will eat all their food and some will leave some of it depending on whether they like the food or whether they are full.

I have seen overweight guinea pigs and this can cause problems for them.

Just like us they are prone to be lethargic and to other diseases and ailments like Bumblefoot for example.

So watching and regulating what they eat is a good practice for the long-term well being of your guinea pigs.

How to regulate what your guinea pigs eat

A good practice to help this is to regulate what you give to your guinea pigs on a daily basis.

As mentioned before most guinea pigs will eat everything you give them especially if they enjoy it.

But if you limit what you give them to daily rations then you can stop this from potentially happening.

For example, you may choose to give a guinea pig 2 handfuls of guinea pig mix, 3 matchbox sized rations of veg and a little fruit.

Don’t forget that hay shouldn’t be rationed. Give them a limitless supply of to chew on and a limitless supply of water as well.

You may choose to change this as you see fit, you know your guinea pigs and what they are like.

But this guide should help you make a start with this and ensure that your guinea pigs don’t overeat or go hungry either way.

can guinea pigs just eat pellets

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Just Pellets?

Pellets are widely used by guinea pig owners to provide them with a good vitamin c supplement.

They are very often eaten by guinea pigs as a food but can they just eat pellets and nothing else?

Let’s take a look and find out.

Can guinea pigs just eat pellets?

Of course, guinea pig pellets are great for them to eat and they really enjoy eating them. however, they don’t provide the guinea pig the opportunity to chew.

What this means is that they can’t exercise their gnawing action like they normally need to do. this is what they should be eating hay 75% of the time at least.

If they don’t’ eat hay constantly, their teeth will not be ground down like it should be and will grow beyond what they are used to.

Hay also provides other nutritional benefits that pellets don’t.

This is why pellets are best combined with hay in order to provide guinea pigs with a good diet.

You should also feed them regular veggies in order to mix things up for them diet wise, along with fresh water.

So pellets are fantastic for guinea pigs but treat them as a supplement and not their main food.

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