can guinea pigs eat degu food

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Degu Food?

Degu food is a special food that is made specifically for degus.

Every pet as a mix, muesli or pellets which they eat and can be purchased from pet stores.

These are made specifically for them which provide for their specific nutritional requirements.

For guinea pigs, guinea pig muesli or mix has vitamin c in it as guinea pigs need it as their bodies don’t produce it.

Degus do share a similar appetite for hays such as timothy hay and meadow hay as well as fresh veggies and fruit.

So they do share quite a similar diet.

Can guinea pigs eat degu food?

If they happen to nibble it they will be fine as degu food is not necessarily bad for them.

However, it should not be purposely be fed to them as it has no nutritional benefit for your guinea pig.

Degu food is made specifically for the nutritional requirements of degus in mind as perfect for them.

But not for piggies who should just eat their own food.

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