can guinea pigs eat rye grass

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Rye Grass?

Rye grass is a species of grass that is often used for lawns.

It is also used as pasture land for grazing and hay for livestock, and as a highly nutritious stock feed.

It is characterized as fast to establish and hardwearing.

Rye grass is also tolerant of cylinder and rotary mowers and grows well in cold or damp conditions.

It does not like shady or dry conditions.

It is often perceived as a weed-like plant and the term ryegrass free is often used to describe more ornamental grass. (source)

It is used widely throughout the United States but does differ depending on the region.

Because it grows quickly it is used widely in permanent and temporary lawns and helps form lush, fine-bladed lawns that maintain its color into winter. (source)

Long Italian rye grass tends to have an endophyte fungus to kill grass grubs and black beetles but is toxic for forage eating animals such as dairy cows. 

Rye grass and tall fescue grass are both species which would not normally be eaten because of this. Rye grass does not tend to be eaten by humans as well

Also, Rye grass seed does have nutrients that we quote like but it, not something that humans would eat as such. 

So what about if Guinea pigs were to eat Rye grass

Especially if they were out in a lawn which contained Rye grass. 

Yes, they can eat it, however, beware of them eating too much of it as they can get a tummy ache and their poop becomes more and more squiggy as a result.

Can guinea pigs eat rye grass?

Although this is something to be aware of, my experience is that Guinea pigs will stop eating when they just can’t eat anymore, just like us really.

However, because they love to eat it they will always try and eat as much as they possibly can.

So there is nothing wrong with them grazing on rye grass, just be aware that eating too much rich grass will give them squiggy poop

What’s the best grass for them to eat? 

Dry grass or hay is the best for them in this regard.

Timothy hat or meadow hay is a far better grass to give to them.

It has much more beneficial nutrients and does not have anything detrimental for them if they eat it.

It is great for them to eat to grind their teeth on and they will enjoy chewing away on it.

From my experience, they enjoy the greener hays rather than the browner hays which you sometimes find so it’s recommended that you go for greener varieties.

For more foods that guinea pigs can and can’t eat, check out our guinea pig food list.

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