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can guinea pigs drink alcohol

Can Guinea Pigs Drink Alcohol?

Drinking alcohol is pretty popular pastime all over the world in different cultures and civilizations.
Whether it is beers, wines, spirits or any other alcoholic beverages they remain a  really popular drink around the world.
Can guinea pigs drink alcohol?
So can guinea pigs drink alcohol as well?
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No, they can’t at all, drinking alcohol will severely hurt guinea pigs or may even kill them. They just can’t handle it.
So steer well clear of giving it to your guinea pigs and instead give them fresh water.
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can guinea pigs drink bottled water

Can Guinea Pigs Drink Bottled Water?

So we know that guinea pigs can drink water, and generally they are given tap water or drink water from streams in the wild.
But can guinea pigs drink bottled water?
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Yes they can. Bottled water is fine for them to drink as long as it hasn’t had preservatives or additives added to it. It is an expensive at if feeding guinea iota especially when tap water is fine fir them, but bottled water is absolutely fine for them to drink as well
However make sure it is just still water. Sparking or flavoured after is not good for them to drink as it contains too many additives for them.
So keep that bottled water still and pure.

Can Guinea Pigs Drink Tap Water?

So we know that guinea pigs can drink water and it is the best liquid for them to drink.
But is it okay to drink water from the tap?
Can guinea pigs drink tap water?
Well, the good news is that water from the tap is great to give to guinea pigs. My Guinea pigs drink water from the tap all the time and absolutely love it.
 Of course, you do have to watch that it doesn’t become contaminated but the golden rule is to never give the guinea pigs water that you wouldn’t drink yourself.
So it is always worth keeping an eye on but on the whole tap water is great for guinea pigs to drink
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can guinea pigs drink soy milk

Can Guinea Pigs Drink Soy Milk?

Also called Soya milk, soymilk, soybean milk, fake milk, or soy juice, soy milk is a drink made from soy beans. It is a traditional drink in Asian cuisine and is produced by soaking dry soybeans and grinding them with water.

So can guinea pigs drink soy milk and if they can how much can they drink?

Unfortunately, guinea pigs cannot drink any kind of milk at all. Guinea pigs are strict herbivores and cannot have any kind of dairy product. They are just too bad for them and will hurt their tummies either making them sick or giving them diarrhoea.

So steer clear of giving them any kind of soy milk

can guinea pigs drink apple juice

Can Guinea Pigs Drink Apple Juice?

We know that guinea pigs drink a lot of water but what about other drinks like apple juice?

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Can guinea pigs drink apple juice?

The thing with Apple juice is that it is either very concentrated or has been sweetened.

They just can’t handle the extra preservatives, sweeteners, and additives that are added to these drinks.

So if you are thinking about it then it would need to be fresh without any artificial colorings, sweeteners, additives, or sugars and very watered down with that.

It would take a lot of effort to get some that are just right for guinea pigs to drink without getting poorly tummies.

This is why in the long run, it is best to stick to water when looking what to give guinea pigs to drink.

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can guinea pigs drink coffee

Can Guinea Pigs Drink Coffee?

We have a lot of coffee in our home and my wife especially drinks it every day.

We even have a coffee machine which makes great coffee for us.

In fact, coffee is pretty popular all over the world, let alone in the UK where we live.

It is drunk in various guises, ways and forms at with different strengths and flavors as well.

Can guinea pigs drink coffee?

So if we can drink it, and lots of it, can guinea pigs drink coffee?

Unfortunately, they can’t. They just can’t handle the many aspects if it.

Here are three reasons why;

Firstly, they can’t handle hot liquids. It just hurts them and will damage them if they do drink. So feed them hot drinks.

Secondly, they can’t handle the caffeine. They really can’t. It will do them a lot harm and may even kill them.

Thirdly, they really can’t take at milk or cream if you have that with your coffee as they are lactose intolerant.

So with all that in mind, stick to giving them fresh water and they will love you for that.

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can guinea pigs drink tea

Can Guinea Pigs Drink Tea?

So I drink a lot of tea at home and at work and so we have a lot of it in around. In fact tea is a pretty popular drink here in the UK and a lot of people here drink here, and in vast quantities. It is also drunk throughout the world in various guises and forms.

So I’d we can drink it, can guinea pigs drink tea?

The thing is, guinea pigs can only drink water and fresh water at that.

If they do drink tea it won’t harm them if they have a little bit, but they probably won’t like it that much. If they drink too much of it, the caffeine content may harm them and do them damage, so it would be worth seeking veterinarian advice if this is the case.

Another thing to bear in mind is that they can’t take things like milk or cream. This is because they are lactose intolerant.

The other thing is that they can drink how liquids. It really hurts them and can’t handle it like we can.

So if you are thinking of giving your guinea pigs tea then, think again and give hem water instead. They’ll thank you for it in their own way.

can guinea pigs drink milk

Can Guinea Pigs Drink Milk?

Milk is a white liquid produced by the mammary glands of mammals.

It is the primary source of nutrition for infant mammals (including humans who breastfeed) before they are able to digest other types of food.

Early-lactation milk contains colostrum, which carries the mother’s antibodies to its young and can reduce the risk of many diseases.

It contains many other nutrients including protein and lactose. (source)

Can guinea pigs drink milk?

Animals are often given milk to drink and so it is often thought that they can drink without any problem.

However guinea pigs can’t drink milk.

image wikipedia

This is because their bodies aren’t built for it. They are lactose intolerant which means they react badly to it and will either be sick or get diarrhoea.

So it is best to steer clear of giving any kind of milk as it will have an adverse affect on them if they do happen to drink it.

If you are looking for something for them to drink, then give them fresh water.

They will really enjoy it and is free of the sugars, preservatives and additives that other drinks contain that are bad for them.

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