When Are Guinea Pigs Most Active?

Its often easy to think that guinea pigs share the same waking up and sleeping patterns as we do.

This is an easy assumption to make as they always seem to be awake when we are and are especially alert at the sign of any kind of food!

However, some times they take naps, sometimes they appear to be awake all of the time.

So when are guinea pigs most active?
In the wild

In the wild, when they are in semi-natural and natural settings, guinea pigs have crepuscular activity rhythms.

This means that they are active primarily during twilight which is the time between dawn and sunrise, or between sunset and dusk.

In captivity

When they are in captivity, guinea pigs may display continuous activity under conditions of either constant illumination or constant darkness.

They can give them impression that they are always awake.

They have the ability to rest and even to sleep without even closing their eyes.

This helps to show all who see them that they are awake and ready to respond to any movement or worse, any danger.

They are very good at adapting to their environment

Guinea pigs are very good at adapting to their environment and can change what they do in order to fit in with where they are.

So in summary, when they are in their most natural setting they are most active during the early morning and late afternoon.

However, in captivity when influenced by us as humans, they are active during day and night.


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