can guinea pigs get colds

Can Guinea Pigs Get Colds?

Colds are something that us as humans get.

The sneezing that often comes with having a cold is often a sign that we are coming down with the ailment.

There are times when we may see a piggy sneezing and so it may seem that they have a cold too.

So can guinea pigs get colds?

Guinea pigs can’t catch colds. This is because human colds are caused by viruses, respiratory problems in guinea pigs are caused by bacteria.

If you see your guinea pig sneezing then this is quite normal for a guinea pig to do. However, sneezing excessively can be the sign of a respiratory problems.

If you see any discharge from their nose, then this could be related to a sinus or respiratory infection.

Some nasal discharges or sneezing are merely due to an allergic reaction caused by soft wood beddings or hay that is dusty.

You may even find that you guinea pig is allergic to certain types of hay. It is worth checking this is not the case.


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