Can guinea pigs go out in the rain?

In this post we look at the question ‘can guinea pigs go out in the rain?’

If you keep your guinea pigs outside then one of the elements that they will encounter is the rain.

It is inevitable that they will get wet from time to time if they stay outside.

But is it healthy for them to go out in the rain?

Many owners keep guinea pigs inside to keep them away from the elements such as this due to the effect it has on them, and its potential to make them unwell if they stay outside and get wet.

Can guinea pigs go out in the rain?

Generally it is not good for guinea pigs to go outside in the rain, however, they can go out in it and they will.

It is worse for them to experience the rain than it is for us.

They won’t be that bothered by light rain unless it gets heavier. In my experience, guinea pigs will go out in most weather especially if food is involved.

They may also go out to investigate something if that thing has sparked their interest.

They are very inquisitive creatures and won’t hesitate to go out whatever the weather.

If the rain is heavy, however, they will look to stay inside as it does affect them if the rain is heavy.

What happens if guinea pigs go out in the rain?

If a guinea pig goes out into the rain, they will obviously feel it on their fur and on their skin.

Despite not minding going out into the rain if they want to, they will find it unpleasant.

The fur of a guinea pig does not dry quickly and the only way of it drying is by letting the air around them dry it for them.

Their fur is there to protect their skin and keep them warm. If their fur gets wet they will get cold as it is no longer doing its job.

Their fur is vital for them.

If their skin gets cold then it opens them up to getting unwell.

Guinea pigs can suffer from hypothermia if they are left in a prolonged state of cold which they could well die from.

What can you do to help them?

One of the best things you can do if you keep your piggies outside is to put a cover your guinea pigs enclosure.

This can be a tarpaulin which is pegged down or held down by some other means so that it does not fly away.

You could also use a piece of plastic sheeting in the same way.

What this will do is to protect your piggies from the elements and keep them dry.

This will keep their fur and skin from getting cold and potentially getting sick.

So you will be doing them a favor by doing this.


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