Can guinea pigs go out in the snow

Can guinea pigs go out in the snow?

In many countries, snow is a prevalent issue during winter time. This can range from short snow showers resulting an in an inch or two of snow to several feet of snow which can majorly impact people in a big way.

Can guinea pigs go out in the snow

it is not good for them to do this. Guinea pigs do not do well with the wet fur that they get when they go out in the snow.

It is also too cold for them.

They are best kept in a dry place and undercover at the very minimum if it snows and away from the cold stuff. If they get into the snow they will get damp and guinea pigs are difficult to dry and have to rely on drying naturally. If their fur gets wet there is nothing to protect their skin from the cold and their health will be at risk.

So keep them out of the snow and indoors somewhere. if they can’t be in your home, which is the best place for them to be, then make sure you have an outhouse which keeps them out of the drafty cold and in the dry. They will benefit so much more from being in these environments.

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