can guinea pigs eat bell peppers

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Bell Peppers?

So can guinea pigs eat bell peppers?

Bell peppers are from the nightshade family of vegetables which also have eggplant, tomatoes, and potatoes.

They come from South America where they date back to 5000 BC.

All the different coloured Bell peppers come from the same plant, but the reason they differ in colour is due to their maturity.

can guinea pigs eat bell peppers?

can guinea pigs eat bell peppers

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Aren’t there different types of bell peppers?

There are different varieties of peppers so what we have done is reviewed each one here. The reason there are different types of bell pepper is becuase of their maturity. We have listed them in order of their maturity, starting with the least mature of them, the green bell pepper.

Green bell peppers

They are harvested before they have fully ripened. This is why they don’t tend to cost as much as other types of bell pepper. If they are left to mature they will turn yellow and then red.

They don’t tend to taste as sweet as their red, yellow and orange successors.

Purple bell peppers

They are not as sweet as red, orange or yellow. the purple is not the mature colour and is the next colour the pepper matures to after the green

Orange bell peppers

Like yellow peppers these are more mature bell peppers that have been left to ripen from green

Yellow bell peppers

These are more mature bell peppers and tend to taste fruitier and sweeter.

Red bell peppers

These are much more mature than green, yellow and orange bell peppers. They contain one and a half times more vitamin c than green peppers and have a sweet and fruity taste. This is why red bell peppers are the best type of pepper for a guinea pig to eat. Although they are all very good.

So can guinea pigs eat bell peppers?

As you will read in the various reviews we’ve linked to, bell peppers are fantastic for guinea pigs and can all be given to them daily.

Although if you wanted to know which one was the best then the mature red peppers have more vitamin c than the others.

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