can guinea pigs eat purple bell peppers

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Purple Bell Peppers?

Did you know that there seven different types of bell pepper that you can get?

Bell peppers can vary in colour depending on their culitvar selection.

We’ve seen that guinea pigs can eat red, yellow, orange and green bell peppers, but what about purple bell peppers?

Purple bell peppers are just another type of mature bell pepper that has a different cultivar to the other coloured bell peppers.

Its easy to think that purple bell peppers may not be good for guinea pigs because of their unusual colour.

But actually purple bell peppers are just as good for guinea pigs as the other types of bell pepper we have looked at.

They have an extraordinary amount of vitamin c and are low in sugar, phosphorus and oxelates so they are ideal for guinea pigs to eat.

In fact they can be eaten on an almost daily basis.

What about cooked purple bell peppers?

Unfortunately, they can’t be eaten at all. They are much better fed to guinea pigs in their raw state. Guinea pigs are unable to eat any raw foods.

Can guinea pigs eat purple bell pepper seeds?

Unfortunately there is far too much risk of chokage for them to eat comfortably so it is worth stripping them away so they don’t get stuck in their throats.

Can guinea pigs eat purple bell pepper stems?

No they can’t unfortunately, they are far too tough for them to eat. So it is worth cutting them off before you feed them to your piggies.

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