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Can Guinea Pigs Climb Walls?

Guinea pigs are known for many things, running quickly, squeaking loudly, eating a lot to name but a few things, but can guinea pigs climb walls at all?

The thing with piggies is that one of the things that they can’t do is climb very well especially shear face walls.

If you’ve ever seen a guinea pig try and climb something. They need their hind legs to push them up and get a grip of of the thing they’re trying to climb.

They just aren’t built to do this like animals such as squirrels, rats and others.

So the good news is that if you have a wall around the cage or a wall at home and you let your guinea pigs run around, they won’t be able to clamber up the wall face at all. This includes types of surface with something to grip

If they try, they just can’t get a grip of the surface and so tend to give up. If the surface is at an angle of say 45 degrees then they might manage that but not a wall of 90 degrees.

This is why a lot of guinea pig cages have shallow walls around the without a roof on as they just can’t get out if them.

So if you are wondering if your guinea pig could scale a wall that is bigger than them, then fear not, they are not climbers at all.