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Oxbow western Timothy hay review

Oxbow Western Timothy Hay Review

Today I stopped by our local pet store for some more Timothy Hay and picked up a bag of Oxbow Western Timothy Hay. I’ve seen Oxbow recommended on other guinea pig blogs so thought I would check it out.

Oxbow western Timothy hay reviewMy previous experience with buying Timothy Hay has taught me not to buy it if it isn’t a green colour as this means it has lost its freshness and dried out too much.

Once its dried out, its just not enjoyable for the guinea pigs. It was quite hard work getting my piggies to eat the last lot of Timothy hay I bought them, so I was determined not to make the same mistake.

On the pack, Oxbow promise that Western Timothy Hay will be mid-range of ‘sweet’ and ‘hearty’ and mid-range of ‘soft’ and ‘crunchy’.

They promise that it is preservative and additive free, which is great. It also contains Loose hay contains stems, leaves, and limited seed heads, says they packaging.

Having regular hay in their diet is vital for a guinea pig as it supports their digestive system and should make up at least 75% of their diet.

It should therefore be available for them to eat at all times.

This was the Western Timothy hay that I was trying, other hay’s that Oxbow provide are Orchard Grass, Botanic Hay, Organic Meadow Hay, Oat Hay and Alafa.

It needs to be put in a place where they won’t lie in it as its not meant for bedding, but for chewing. I’ve done that before and you just end up with soggy hay, which is just gross!
So its best put in a corner or an empty toilet roll, something like that.

Another thing to remember with timothy hay is to store it in a cool and dry location in its packaging away from sunlight so that it doesn’t dry out and fade.

Checking out Oxbow Western Timothy Hay

So, we put some down for one of our guinea pig’s to see how he would take to it.
It went down pretty well. I took a brief video of him tucking into it.

Knowing that it is full of good stuff, it was purely down to taste and it disappeared pretty quickly. My guinea pig seemed to enjoy it and was a much different experience to the previous timothy hay that I gave him.

I would get Oxbow western timothy hay again.

(note: I am just reviewing this for the benefit of me and you and have received no incentive, so I am totally impartial :))