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can guinea pigs wear bows

Can Guinea Pigs Wear Bows?

Have you ever seen those pictures on Instagram or Pinterest with guinea pigs dressed up or decorated in items of clothing?

This often done in order to make the look cute and invoke a reaction?

There are many around and they look like this

There may be times when you feel a guinea pig might need an accessory or two to help decorate them a bit.

Can guinea pigs wear bows?

So can guinea pigs wear bows at all and will they mind?

Unfortunately, accessories like bows, guinea pigs find very irritating and they will try and rip it off as soon as possible.

They do not enjoy wearing anything like this at all so it just isn’t worth trying to put anything like a bow on them.

Guinea pigs are cute enough in their own skin and fur without the need for putting items like bows on them.

They will much prefer being given a delicious treat or two, then having clothes or other items put on them.