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can guinea pigs eat ham

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Ham?

With thanksgiving approaching, there may be those wondering if guinea pigs can eat ham?

Cooked Ham is one of those foods that is especially popular around fall and winter time especially in the festive seasons.


So if we can eat it….

Can guinea pigs eat ham?


Unfortunately guinea pigs can’t eat ham.

This is because guinea pigs can’t eat meats at all. This includes cold and processed meats.

They also can’t eat cooked foods which are also bad for them

can guinea pigs eat hamSo why can’t guinea pigs eat meat?

The reason is that guinea pigs are herbivores and therefore can’t digest meat at all.

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What would happen if I gave my guinea pig ham?

If they are presented with it they may have a nibble at it but will quickly turn off it.

Guinea pigs are naturally quite curious and love to sniff out new foods. Even when I present my finger to my piggies they have a nibble at it 🙂


So it isn’t worth attempting to feed your piggies ham at all.

If you do want your guinea pigs thanksgiving or Christmas foods, give them raw veggies which haven’t been cooked yet.


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