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The Crested Guinea Pig – A Brief Guide

Here is a brief guide to the Crested guinea pig, a beautiful and affectionate breed of guinea pig. We hope you enjoy this introduction.

What kind of breed are they?

They are a rare breed guinea pig. There are two types of crested guinea pig; the American crested which is also goes by the name of the white crested guinea pig, and the self crested guinea pig which also goes by the name of the English crested guinea pig.

What do they look like?

The crested guinea pig is a short haired guinea pig

It has a single rosette which is a swirl in the forehead. Self crested guinea pigs will have a crest that is the same colour as the coat.

An American crested guinea pig will have a crest that is different in colour to its coat. The crest is often a white colour.

Who are they suitable for?

They are very good starter guinea pigs because they are so easy to look after.

What is their nature and temperament like?

They are often quite shy guinea pigs, but will warm to you the more attention you give to them.They are very easy going and if you treat them well, they will also be affectionate to you.

What do they eat?

They eat a standard guinea pig diet of fresh hay, vitamin c pellets, fresh water, veggies and fruit.

What colours do they come in?

Crested guinea pigs come in a variety of colours such as black, brown,  and tortoise shell amongst others.

How do you look after Crested guinea pigs?

Crested guinea pigs are low maintenance guinea pigs so do not require the maintenance that longer haired cavies need.

Ensure their hay is topped up daily, that they have access to fresh water at all times.

Make sure that they are kept in temperatures between 10 degrees and 25 degrees celcius.

Bring them inside over winter time and make sure that they have shelter during summer time.

Clip their nails once a month so as to stop them from growing too long.

Clean out their cage once a week at a minimum to ensure cleanliness is maintained.