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14 facts to help you get to know the Rex guinea pig

The Rex Guinea pig is a lovely variety of guinea pig which is amazingly cute.

If you are looking for some information about the Rex, then here are 14 facts to introduce to this remarkable variety of cavy.

  1. rex guinea pigThe rex guinea pig is a main classified breed
  2. They are a non-self variety cavy. The non-self variety of guinea pig is divided into three sectors which are coated, long-haired and marked. They come in all kinds of different colours and appearances.
  3. They can grow between 20-45 cm in length
  4. They have dense woolly hair that stands up on end and ears that droop down over a large head
  5. The style of their hair is caused by a gene that is recessive which causes it to be coarse and curly and not to lie smooth.
  6. Their guard hairs are short which means the coat does not go flat, instead it curls and stands in an upright manner
  7. The coat hair is not more than half and inch in length. This is the same lenth as the whole of its coat.
  8. Rex guinea pigs do not have any rosettes in their fur.
  9. There are also longer haired varieties appearing as well that have wavy hair.
  10. The rex has been bred in most different colours and also cross-bred with other hair types as well.
  11. They come in many different colours such as brown, white or agouti. There are all kinds of variation of colour when it comes to rex guinea pigs.
  12. They are often mistaken for teddy guinea pigs. A rex tends to have a harsher coat than a teddy guinea pig whose coat is much softer. A rex also has curly whiskers and a teddy has straight whiskers. They are genetically different and it is said that if you breed them together you will get neither a rex or a teddy but probably an American short haired guinea pig.
  13. They are great starter guinea pigs as the hair of the rex guinea pig does not require that much maintenance of cleaning unlike long haired varieties.
  14. The rex guinea pig also has a very good temperament and loved to be handled and stroked and so are very good for children to look after, providing they are handled in a gentle way.

4 thoughts on “14 facts to help you get to know the Rex guinea pig

    1. An American Short hair, with a good temperment, would be great. Abyssinians are very cute, and have LOTS of personality, but don’t necessarily love to be held.

    2. The rex or American both r friendly, easily maintained, and trainable ,love to b held , mine plays with my teddy bear hamster lol it’s awesome

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