Can Guinea Pigs Freeze?

Guinea pigs are prey animals.

They are hardy creatures who will look to survive where they can. They are always being hunted in the wild and will seek to keep living as long as possible. This is how they have lived so long and haven’t died off up to this day.

They are creatures who enjoy living in temperatures between 50 and 70 degrees farenheit. This is a comfortable temperature range for them and means that they can live in an environment that they enjoy.

However when temperatures get too hot, they start to look for places where they can keep cool. You will notice them keep out of the sun and sitting in the shade. You may even find them digging a place for them to get cool.

When temperatures get cooler though and below 50 degrees farenheit, they start to look for ways of keeping warm.

So can guinea pigs freeze in cold weather?

Yes they can. As mentioned, if temperatures drop below 50 degrees Fahrenheit they start to get a uncomfortable.

They will never complain as we know it, but they will look to huddle up when temperature starts to get cold.

Guinea pigs are great survivors and they will look to protect and preserve themselves as much as possible.

Once temperatures drop below freezing then piggies have been known to suffer if they are kept outside.

If you must keep them outside when it get then there are some great ways of keeping a guinea pig warm in this post here.

Make sure they are kept dry and with lots of straw. The best way that they keep warm is by huddling together so that they can get warm from each other.

If it snows don’t let them touch it as they will get damp and it is hard for them to get dry. The damp can kill if they do not dry off.

However, when it gets cold, the best place for a guinea pig is inside where they can keep warm at room temperature.

They will much prefer living in this type of environment.

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