can guinea pigs eat shreddies

Can guinea pigs eat shreddies?

Can guinea pigs eat shreddies? Shreddies are a breakfast cereal made from lattices of wholegrain wheat.

The cereal is marketed with the whole grain symbol, as part of a marketing campaign emphasizing the healthiness of the cereal. Wheat for Shreddies is sourced from over 500 different farms within the UK.[1]

Sugared, chocolate and honey-flavored versions of the cereal are available in the UK as Frosted Shreddies, Coco Shreddies, and Honey Shreddies, and an orange-flavored version of the Coco Shreddies has also become available recently.

The former advertising slogan in the UK was: “Keeps hunger locked up until lunch”. The advertising slogan for the Frosted and Coco Shreddies was: “Too tasty for geeks. (source)

Can guinea pigs eat shreddies?

They can nibble them when they are dry only. They also can’t eat them with any flavorings or additives.

However, they have no nutritional value for them and so shouldn’t be a regular part of their diet.

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