can guinea pigs eat cheese

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cheese?

We always have cheese around the house.

It is very popular with the children and they are always looking to eat it whenever they see it.

For them, it is great as a snack, in sandwiches, or as raw large chunks.

So the question is, ‘can guinea pigs eat cheese?’ Also, when it comes to whether I can give it to my guinea pig, is cheese any good for them?

My first instincts were an absolute no, as it may cause them to be ill.

Carrying out my research, I was right.

Why can’t guinea pigs eat cheese?

  • Guinea pigs should not be given any kind of dairy products.
  • They only eat plants, fruits and vegetables and don’t usually go for anything other than this. However there are always exceptions!
  • Guinea pigs are lactose intolerant, which means that any dairy will really affect their tummies and will get diarrhoea at the very least. At worst it will make them very sick.
  • They are much more used to eating grass and small plants plus a diet of timothy hay.

This includes all types of cheese including and not limited to;

Bergenost, Brick cheese, Cheese curds, Colby cheese, Colby-jack, Cougar gold cheese, Cream cheese, Creole cream cheese, Farmer cheese, Hoop cheese, Kunik cheese, Liederkranz cheese, Maytag blue cheese, Monterey jack cheese, Muenster cheese, Pepper jack cheese, Pinconning cheese, Swiss cheese, Teleme cheese, Cottage cheese, Farmer cheese, Smoked cheese, Soy cheese, Rice cheese, Wensleydale, Cheddar, Stilton, Mozzarella.

To name but a few!!!

What about other types of cheese foods, does the same reasoning sit with them as well?

Can guinea pigs eat cheese snacks?

It isn’t worth attempting to give a guinea pig any kind of cheese based snack. They will probably not like it anyway. This includes other cheese snacks such as Cheese puffs, cheese balls, and cheese string.

Can guinea pigs eat cheese slices?

What about those cheese slices that you get in hamburgers? Don’t even risk it. Any kind of dairy product wont be appreciated by the guinea pig and they will get sick if they dare to eat it.

Verdict – Can guinea pigs eat cheese?

Steer well clear of any cheese based product! It will do guinea pigs a lot of harm as they are lactose intolerant and any ingestion of any cheese based product will cause them to be sick and give them diarrhoea at the very least.

2 thoughts on “Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cheese?

    1. Hi Paul, personally I wouldnt’ feed them any cheese products. But thanks for the heads up, will add them to the list 🙂

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