can guinea pigs dig

Can Guinea Pigs Dig?

As prey creatures, guinea pigs are used to having to having to having to get away from predators.

This is how they survived so long in the wild.

They are quick and nimble creatures who are difficult to catch at the best time.

Have you every had to try and catch a scared guinea pig?

Not an easy thing at all!

Many creatures will use their digging skills to get themselves out of harm’s way and find shelter.

They will also dig to hide food and build homes for their family.

Hamsters who are rodent cousins of the guinea pig, are voracious diggers who will use their digging skills to build nests and burrows for them in the deserts of Asia where they come from.

So can guinea pigs dig?

No they can’t at all. Unlike other rodents, such as mice, rats, and hamsters guinea pigs do not have the ability to dig.

In the wild, they live in crevices and holes created by other animals.

They do not have the ability to dig their own burrows and have no desire to as well.

This means in a practical sense that they do not have the ability to dig themselves out of their enclosure if you are worried about that.

They also won’t dig through bedding as well. They would much rather have their beds and nests created for them.



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