can guinea pigs cough

Can Guinea Pigs Cough?

Have you every heard a guinea pig make what sounds like a choking/gagging sound?

It is very weird and can cause alarm when you hear it.

In fact it sounds like they are coughing.

So can guinea pigs cough?

Yes they can cough.

When guinea pigs cough, it is usually caused by a small irritation in their windpipe which can be caused by something like dust or something similar.

Dusty hay is often a cause of a guinea pig coughing.

If the coughing is merely an isolated incident then this is nothing to worry about.

If you find that your guinea pigs are coughing a lot, then this can be a sign that all is not well with them.

If this is happening, do seek the help of a guinea pig friendly veterinary surgeon who will be able to assist  and diagnose the issue.

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