can guinea pigs be in the cold

Can Guinea Pigs Be In The Cold?

As prey animals, guinea pigs are able to survive many situations.

This includes the temperatures that they are in at that time.

They are intuitive survivors which is why they have lasted for so long down the centuries.

In the wild they will withstand extreme situations.

It doesn’t mean to say that they are comfortable, but they do adapt and try and get through it somehow.

So can guinea pigs be in the cold?

Guinea pigs enjoy the temperature when it ranges from 41 degrees farenheit to 59 degrees farenheit.

If it gets too hot, they seek the shade and time away from the sun.

If it gets too cold they will seek to huddle up with their guinea pig friends and seek the warmth of each other’s bodies to help them.

Yes they can be in the cold for a certain amount of time, but it isn’t a good thing for them.

If it gets too cold, the best thing to do is to bring them inside to a warmer more stable temperature that they will enjoy.

But if the worst comes to the worst, and you can’t do that, then keeping them outside is an option.

Just make sure they have plenty of hay to keep them warm.

Consider also putting a blanket over the hutch to act as insulation as well during winter time.

It will act to keep the warmth in.

But the best thing you can do is make sure that they aren’t left alone, so they get to keep each other warm.

If it gets below freezing then this really isn’t good for them.

At this point, they need to be at least put in a shed or outhouse out of the wind.

They really can suffer when the temperature goes below freezing and have been known to die in such temperatures.

So do keep watch on the temperature  daily to make sure that it is okay for your guinea pig.

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