can guinea pigs blink

Can Guinea Pigs Blink?

Guinea pigs have eyes that are bright and clear.

Placed on the side of their heads, they are much different to our eyes, they slightly protrude and their vision is poor compared to ours.

They cannot see for long distances and can only visualize clearly when an object is close.

Piggies can also distinguish colors.

Their eyes are the same size and their field of vision is different from ours due their eyes being located on the side of their heads.

This means they can see around their body’s much more than we can.

Most Guinea pigs do not close their eyes when they sleep. Some guinea pigs close their eyes when they feel very comfortable and peaceful. But with most piggies, their eyes remain open keeping watch for any predators that may be lurking to attack.

This is something they have learnt to do over time in their role as natural prey animals.

But if they have their eyes open all or most of the time, what happens when they get something in their eye?

Can guinea pigs blink when they need to?

Guinea pigs do have eyelids, and like us they use them to get rid of any unwanted dirt or dust particles which may be attracted to their eyes.

By briefly blinking, they can clear these unwanted dirt or dust particles and ensure the eye isn’t unduly damaged.

However, they not as active as our eyelids are.

Their eyelids have been known to get infected if they get irritated by sharp pieces of hay or even bedding.

In this case, their eyelids can swell and become red.


If ever this happens, then do contact a veterinary surgeon to have this dealt with.

But yes, they can blink but it is not often you see it.

‘Blink and you’ll miss it!’ as the saying goes!


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