can guinea pigs and dogs live together

Can Guinea Pigs and Dogs Live Together?

Dogs and guinea pigs are some of the most popular pets in the world. They are beloved of many homeowners and indeed many keep both types of pets in their homes.

So the question we are asking is ‘can guinea pigs and dogs live together?’

There are many breeds of dogs in the world today, some large such as Golden Retrievers, German Shepherd’s, or Rottweilers. Some medium sized such as Bulldog’s, Boxer’s, or Bull Terrier’s, to small dogs such as American Cocker Spaniels, Beagles, or even the Cockapoo.

They have differing types of character and temperament and depend on what type of breed they are and how they have been bred.

Many piggie owners have professed to having their dog and guinea pigs live together without any kind of problem at all. That they get along just fine and will even play together.

The following video is a good example.

Keeping Guinea pigs and dogs in the same home.

Indeed, there are piggie owners who have kept dogs such as shelties who have them together in the same home, and if they are bred for their temperament and not purchased from a pet store then they will have very little prey drive.

However, these are isolated cases.

On the whole, dogs are predator animals and guinea pigs are prey animals. They do not get along with guinea pigs unless they are trained to get along. Even then, there is no guarantee that the dog will not harm the guinea pig at all.

Of course it is totally the owner’s discretion as to whether they let the guinea pig and dog share the same space, but it isn’t recommended.

Each dog will have different prey drives, and even within the same breed there will be variety.

What we recommend

It is recommended that a dog is kept totally separate from the guinea pigs in different areas of the home so that there is no risk that the guinea pigs will be attacked.

The presence of a dog may stress and frighten the piggies so keep them separate during any kind of floor time.

If you are unsure whether your dog has been bred to live with other animals, never leave the two animals together unattended even if the piggies are in a cage. Some breeds of dog are very intelligent and find out ways of getting into a cage. If you have designs on the two living together in the same space it would be worth seeking out obedience training for them so that they can recognise the guinea pigs as pack members rather than prey.

However, do take care and be cautious if this is your intention and keep the guinea pig’s welfare at the forefront of your consideration.

We would love to hear your experience of keeping guinea pigs and dogs together. Feel free to share in the comments below.



Image   "Golden retriever eating pigs foot" by Denhulde - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons -

19 thoughts on “Can Guinea Pigs and Dogs Live Together?

  1. Hi Chris – awesome article. take your point about piggies getting gobbled up easily…they must look a lot like a soft toy to most dogs 😉

  2. When we brought our guinea pig home, our king charles cavalier were acting really really hyper and excited. When we let him get close to the pig it looked like he was snapping for it. But it got so frustrating to keep them apart, because the dog would not relax when we picked up the guinea pig. He would get so jealous! So I thought to myself, lets see what happens if I allow the dog to do what he wants. The result was numbing!! All he ever wanted was to kiss/lick that little pig all day long and the pig LOVES HIM!!! Ever since that I had complete trust in this relationship and with good reason. The guinea pig will follow the dog around today and NOT leave him alone. He actually loves the dog more than he loves us. When he is sitting in his cage and I start to pet him, he will make small happy noises. When he hears the dog coming closer, he screams for attention!! It is so damn cute how they coexist and love each other. We also have a Maine Coon male cat, which is as good and polite as the day is long, but him I still do not trust around the pig. Too much instinct going in his head! 🙂

    1. This is helpful- also have a 6yo King Charles and she’s been out one and one so she was freaking out when we brought the Guinea Pig into the house – this was 2 weeks ago. We ha e tried to let her sniff and get close however 2 times she’s snapped at the Guinea Pigs head, we gave her a bop for doing this and bows she seems more afraid of the Guinea Pig- we give our dog lots of hugs and attention while holding the pig and she’s mellowed out – my 6 yo carries the pig around the house everywhere so the dog is getting more used of him. However we are still not so sure that if the pig were running along the floor the dog would pounce- the dog chases every bird, squirrel, deer even coyotes so it’s in her blood. At age 5 a Guinea pig was eaten out of my arms by the poodles so I’m not trusting the dog won’t do the same if the right opportunity arose.

      1. Yes and no, I have two Jack Russells that loved my ferret and were great friends. It took some work and training. One of my dogs has a strong hunter’s instinct.
        Supervision is essential

    1. Me too!! I don’t know what to do I feel like I’m going to have to get rid of the Guinea pigs because he goes mad! He’s ok him the house he sits by the cage in the house and watches they gets too excited now and again but fine. As soon a as Iv put them in their hutch and run now in the garden he was like a wild dog!

  3. I had a guinea as a first pet,when I was very young. So when a friend ask me if I would want to take her is because her son had out grown it I jumped at the chance. I have two 7 pound mini shih-tzus so was a bit nervous, but my dogs have taken to the guinea pig like it is their little sister. My girl dog especially, seems to think it’s her baby. Nosing it and constantly wanting to be around it her it’s quite a beautiful thing actually.

  4. My Bichon has always shown a love of guinea pigs. I finally bought one and all she does is kiss and kick it. She absolutely loves her new friend.

  5. I have a Rottweiler who is 8. Did anyone ever have a Guinea pig and Rottweiler with eachother? She doesn’t really like other dogs but would it work if she is trained to not attack it? Thank you in advance.

  6. everyone is saying that jack russels and terriers are the worst dogs around guinea pigs, but i really want one and i have a JACK RUSSEL CROSS TERRIER what do i do help ?

    1. I have a border terrier and a jack russel terrier but I really want a guinea pig. My border terrier is a boy and is very calm and well behaved but my jack Russell is girl and has anxiety. We put our dogs in crates when we leave so I don’t think it would be a problem but I just want advice.

  7. I’m looking to get a guinea pig but I have a jack Russell cross Maltese!!! I’m scared she’ll terrorise the piggie into a heart attack 🙁

  8. I have adopted 2 guinea pigs from pets at home .I also adopted a Staffin 5 yrs ago recently my dog has been goin upto the cage to sniff my piggies .1 of them was sniffing nose to nose with him but I’m still not sure if he wants to be friends or not with them

    1. We have just moved into my mom’s for a bit and within the 1st day our pigs are dead and we’re killed by my moms staff ? were heartbroken it has been devastating. My daughter found her one piggie on her bedroom floor lifeless. It was heartbreaking to watch er meltdown in grief and to know team piggies suffered like that. They were in cage with lid locked. Theach kids insist they shut the door like the were told to but I think it hadn’t clicked into place fully which enabled the dog to nudge it open. It had all been hectic and we were bringing the table fTom our hose the following day but this happened in the morning. We only had them in the floor that one night with locked cage BT dog managed to break one clip and somehow get in enough to kill both of them. I wouldn’t ever trust a dog by a pig again especially a terrier breed. It has left us all devastated we loved our piggies very much never thought this would happen on first night with locked cage even if the dog could of got in room didn’t think that she could f got into the cage. Please be careful. We’re living with the if only now and feel awful x

  9. Hi I have just bought 2 guinea pigs for my children and I have a yorkshire terrier and he just won’t settle keeps going mad and running round the house he’s not shown any aggression to them he’s just panting and excited I don’t know what to do its only been 2 days has anyone else had the same problem

  10. Hello there , I’ve recently adopted a Guinea Pig from the RSPCA , I have 2 digs both terrier and one with a high prey drive . I’m hoping my new GP will be ok as I’ve had a GP previously and both my dogs were totally fine with her . The GP was never loose though . Bobby my Patterdale terrier that chases any thing that moves used to lie next to her cage in the house and next to her run in the garden . He really seemed to miss her when she died . With this new GP though he seems much more alert and really acting as if he would chase Boris (GP) if he could !!! I’m quite concered as he wasn’t like this with Twinkle. It is early days though ( day 4) so I’m hoping he will settle down soon .

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