Texel guinea pigs

Texel Guinea Pigs: A Brief Guide

In this post, we are looking at the beautiful Texel guinea pig. A wonderful cross-breed guinea pig which is relatively new on the scene as far as guinea pig breeds are concerned.

Before looking at ‘how to look after them’ and ‘grooming tips’, here are some facts about the Texel guinea pig to introduce you to them.

    1. The Texel guinea pig is a non-self variety of guinea pig.
    2. They are a main classified breed
    3. A Texel guinea pig has a long coat the flows back over the body.
    4. Its coat is distinctive because of its curls
    5. The Texel originated in England in the 1980s when a Silkie guinea pig was crossed with a Rex guinea pig
    6. It was recognised by ACBA in 1998
    7. To be recognised officially as a Texel guinea pig, curls of the guinea pig should be wound in a corkscrew and need to cover the whole body, this includes the stomach
    8. Texel guinea pigs are usually obtained from breeders or rescues and not regular pet stores.
    9. They are a high maintenance guinea pig, and are not recommended as a first guinea pig
    10. Texel’s need a good deal of time spent grooming them.

How to care for a Texel Guinea Pig

As mentioned earlier, Texel guinea pigs are require quite a lot of care because of the amount of hair they have.

They need attention in these ways;

  • Their hair needs keeping off the floor because it will drag and pick up excrement.
  • Texel’s can get hay and bedding stuck in their hair and so this requires checking on a daily basis.
  • They especially need their hair trimmed short regularly around the anus to stop excrement from building up in the hair.

Texel guinea pigsTexel guinea pigs are prone to ear wax build up and scurfy skin much more than other guinea pigs so beware of this.

They don’t need to be bathed any more regularly than other piggies. So once a month will do fine for them.

They also need their nails trimmed on a monthly basis as with other guinea pig breeds.

Texel’s also have the same diet as other guinea pigs, so feeding the timothy hay, vitamin c pellets, and fresh water along with a varied veggie diet will do them good.
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Texel guinea pig grooming tips

Texel’s needs regular grooming due to the nature of their hair.

By trimming their hair you are keeping them more comfortable, maintaining a good standard of hygiene, and reducing the chances of infections. Their long hair naturally soaks up pee which is not good for them.

If their hair is not washed, then it can matt very easily so washing it on a monthly basis will keep it maintained well.

Texel owners recommend keeping the hair around its backside much shorter as the longer hair can get wet very easily from urine and cause disease and infection.

As mentioned above, trim their hair short around the backside and around the sides.

To trim their hair you can use safety scissors or hairdresser scissors. However, electric clippers are the most effective way of doing it cutting their hair as they allow you to get a good cut that scissors can’t do.

Brush their hair regularly. A wired tooth comb is the best brush/comb for the job.

Running your fingers through their hair regularly will get rid of any tangles and they love it as well.


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