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can guinea pigs eat pecans

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Pecans?

With thanksgiving approaching fast, we’re looking at all the thanksgiving foods. We’ve already looked at Turkey, potatoes, pumpkin, cabbage, carrots and others.

So we’re looking at the thanksgiving favourite pecans.

If we can them, can guinea pigs eat pecans as well?

can guinea pigs eat pecansUnfortunately, guinea pigs are not able to eat any nuts at all. They are toxic for guinea pigs so stay clear of them.

What about  that most famous of thanksgiving foods?

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Can guinea pigs eat pecan pie?

Again, guinea pigs cannot eat pecan pie due to its nut content and its sweetness. It has far too much sugar content for piggies to manage at all.

So when it comes to pecans, guinea pigs aren’t able to join in the festivities with this delicacy.