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can guinea pigs drink cranberry juice

Can Guinea Pigs Drink Cranberry Juice?

When it comes to drinking liquids there tends to be one thing that guinea pigs can drink and that’s water but there are certain drinks that they can dabble in if you are careful.
The thing with liquids is that there can’t be any sugars, additives or preservatives added to it like those that humans often drink. It must be naturally pure, if it does contain a hint of additives or preservatives then it’s out.
Can guinea pigs drink cranberry juice?
So when it comes to juices, can Guinea pigs drink cranberry juice?
Cranberries are great for Guinea pigs to eat and are known to be quite medicinal for them. Many guinea pigs have given guinea pigs cranberry juice to help them.
So if you do want to feed your guinea pigs cranberry juice then it needs to be 100% cranberry juice without any additives.
It also needs to be diluted, about a quarter cranberry juice, if not less, and three-quarters water.
Don’t feed it to them too often, once a week should suffice which is about as often as they should eat cranberries.
The rest of the time they should drink water.
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can guinea pigs have orange juice

Can Guinea Pigs Have Orange Juice?

Orange juice is one of those drinks that is often drunk straight from the fruit or it is made into a cordial drink.

We have already looked at whether guinea pigs can have oranges here, and we have seen that they are good for guinea pigs to eat in small amounts, mainly because of their high vitamin c levels.

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But what about juice, can guinea pigs have that on its own?

Can guinea pigs have orange juice?

Unfortunately,  juice which either comes directly from the fruit or from concentrate in cartons far too sweet and acidic for guinea pigs to have.

Orange juice cordial is not as bad as it is not as acidic as fresh orange juice but is far too sweet for guinea pigs to have.

Stick to just feeding guinea pigs water to drink.

That really is the only liquid that they can have, and they do need plenty of it to keep themselves refreshed.

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