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Can guinea pigs eat celery?

Celery is a great vegetable that is tasty and crunchy so it seems like it could go down well with guinea pigs.

Celery is just fine for guinea pigs to eat but there are certain considerations and things you might want to take note of before you feed it to your guinea pig.

It can be purchased from any supermarket that you have close to you. There are no special types that   you need to buy. Any of the varieties will do.

can a guinea pig eat celery

image: Wikipdeia

10 considerations to make when you feed your guinea pig celery

  1. It has a high water content and so it can cause mouth sores and diarrhoea if given too much to the Guinea Pig. It can also make them a little diuretic which means they pee a lot.
  2. The strings of celery that are peeled off the stalks of celery can very easily get caught in their teeth and throats and intestinal tracs.
  3. Do feed it to your guinea pig in moderation, a few times a week should suffice to ensure that your guinea pig gets a well balanced diet.
  4. It is worth cutting up the celery sticks into long strips to ensure that you can negate the stringy parts of the celery so that your guinea pig doesn’t get any lodged in its throat.
  5. Another way to cut up celery sticks is to cut them into half inch pieces. This is another way to ensure that the guinea pigs and ingest them properly.
  6. Mix it up with other vegetables and foods so that your guinea pig doesn’t get bored at all at meal times. Make meal times as interesting as possible for them
  7. Consider celery to be a treat for them at not their main staple meal which should be Timothy hay, vitamin c fortified guinea pig pellets and clean water.
  8. You can feed your guinea pig’s the celery leaves as well. Some may even prefer these to the actual celery sticks.
  9. If your guinea pig doesn’t take to it then don’t worry. Some guinea pigs like it, some don’t. Try some other vegetables with your guinea pig to see if they like those instead.
  10. Sometimes it might be worth peeling your celery sticks to get the strings off.


Can a guinea pig eat celery?

Celery can be a great treat for your guinea pig if it is fed in moderation so do go ahead and feed it to your cavy. Its great chopped up and mixed with other vegetables as well to give your guinea pig some variety.