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can guinea pigs eat cauliflower

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cauliflower? We Find Out Here

Today’s foody question is ‘Can guinea pigs eat cauliflower?’

I’ve got a feeling that they may like it. Its not exactly a favourite food of mine but if its good for my guinea pigs and they like it, I’ll certainly buy it for them.

This is what it contains;

Energy 104 kJ (25 kcal)
Carbohydrates 5 g
Sugars 1.9 g
Dietary fiber 2 g
Fat 0.3 g
Protein 1.9 g
Water 92 g
Vitamin C 48.2 mg (58%)

source wikipedia 

can guinea pigs eat cauliflower

It is also high in sulfur which can make their urine quite strong and makes some piggies gassy.

image: wikipedia 

With that, cauliflower is fine for them to eat however, it is not a good idea for them to eat too much cauliflower because of its content, and so just a little bit will suffice for them.

I gave some to my guinea pigs and he had smell of it and a bit of a nibble, and then left it alone. He didn’t really touch the leaves and stalk as well. It wont be something that I will be buying for him again then.

Ways of eating cauliflower

There are so many ways people can use cauliflower that owners may have questions about whether their piggies can eat it a certain way. I’ve tried to cover all the bases here.

Can guinea pigs eat cauliflower raw?

This is the best state for guinea pigs to eat it in. They will appreciate it raw more than anything else.

Can guinea pigs eat cauliflower soup?

Cauliflower soup recipe uses the texture of cooked onions and cauliflower to make a creamy soup from puréed vegetables and milk. This is not good for the guinea pig, so steer clear

Can guinea pigs eat cauliflower mash?

No, don’t go near it as although it contains raw cauliflower – a medium head makes about a pound of florets it contains any combination of butter, milk, cream, or whatever you use

Can guinea pigs eat cauliflower rice?

Yes that’s fine as long as its not cooked and stays raw.

Can guinea pigs eat cauliflower which has been cooked?

It wont do them any harm but they do prefer raw vegetables.

If you have some spare they may appreciate it but don’t go out of your way to prepare it for them.

It also takes some of the nutrients out when you cook them.

Can guinea pigs eat frozen cauliflower?

No, steer clear of frozen cauliflower as well.


Different parts of the cauliflower

There are of course, different parts of the cauliflower and we dissect it here.

Can guinea pigs eat cauliflower stalks?

Yes they can, try it with them but don’t give them too much

Can guinea pigs eat cauliflower florets?

The flowers are the worst part for them, don’t’ give them a lot of this

Can guinea pigs eat cauliflower leaves?

They will probably appreciate the leaves the most out of all the possible plants you could give them.

Other owners have commented that the leaves were appreciated the most by their guinea pigs.


Guinea pigs can eat cauliflower, it is high in vitamin c and is best eaten in its raw state. However because of its high water and sulfuric content it is best to limit it to a little bit at a time.