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can guinea pigs eat dry cat food

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Dry Cat Food?

Dry Cat food (8–10% moisture) is generally made by extrusion cooking under high heat and pressure.

Fat may then be sprayed on the food to increase palatability, and other minor ingredients, such as heat-sensitive vitamins, which would be destroyed in the extrusion process, may be added.

Dry food is most often packed in multi-wall paper bags, sometimes with a plastic film layer; similar bag styles with film laminates or coextrusions are also used. (source)

Can guinea pigs eat dry cat food?

Yes, if they manage to get a nibble of dry cat food they will be fine. It won’t do them any harm.

However, it shouldn’t be fed purposely to them. It holds no nutritional benefit for them at all and is not recommended to be fed to guinea pigs.

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can guinea pigs eat cat food

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cat Food?

Many piggie owners have pets along with their guinea pigs, and there are no end to the different mixes of animals there are in some homes.

These include cats which are incredibly common in households around the world.

So if you have cats and guinea pigs living in the same home, can guinea pigs eat cat food, and if so how much can they eat?

Lets take a look further…

Cat food can vary from tinned cat food, to crunchy cat food treats which are more like biscuits.

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What about tinned cat food?

This consists of chunks of meat which have been specially prepared to be suited to their diets. The ingredients they contain are in there to give the cat the nutrients they need.

Because of this, they really shouldn’t be eaten by any other animal apart from cats.

This includes guinea pigs.

So keep your guinea pigs away from tinned cat food as it really isn’t good for them at all.

Plus, guinea pigs are herbivores and cannot eat meat. If presented with it, they may nibble at it but will turn their noses at it because they can’t stand meat at all.

What about dried cat food?

The same applies to dried cat food. Dried cat food is especially created to cater for the diets of cats and really shouldn’t be eaten by any other animal.

But if presented with them they will nibble on them and they will be fine if they do eat them. They may even like them!

But they shouldn’t eat them as part of a long term diet.

So its best to avoid.

Stick to guinea pig food such as fresh hay, water, and veggies which will give them the diet that they need in order to stay fit and healthy.