how to protect your guinea pigs from snakes

How To Protect Your Guinea Pigs From Snakes

If you happen to live in a country where there happens to be snakes then this can be a scary thing when it comes to keeping guinea pigs.

Snakes that live in the wild, can be likely to appear at any time and look for any place where there is food for them to eat.

So keeping guinea pigs outside becomes a precarious business and they need protecting when it comes to snakes.

If you don’t put precautions in place, then this can lead to snake related deaths.

So it is best not to keep guinea pigs outside so as to protect them from potential invaders to their homes such as snakes.

However, there are owners that do keep their guinea pigs outside, so this post is designed to help this kind of situation.

Snakes are territorial creatures and will come back time and again to their ‘area’ where they reside.

So if the guinea pig lives in that area then the snake will consider the guinea pig and what else is in the cage as fair game for them.

A snake will return again and again, often during the night.

They will look for different ways to get into the cage and will even try to break through the bars or the mesh so as to gain access.

Once the snake gets into the cage, the guinea pigs will have no chance when up against them.

So when considering a cage for your guinea pigs there are certain things that need to be considered with regards to snakes.

If the head of the snake can fit through the cage bars, then their whole body can fit through as well.

The whole of the cage needs to be secure with metal, strong mesh or heavy wooden doors and points of entry that are able to be secured.

There needs to be a roof on the run as well, so snakes cannot climb into a run

You also need to consider that snakes can also burrow underneath if the cage is sitting on the ground as well.

Pythons are particularly lethal for small animals such as guinea pigs.

A large python can grow to 7-10 feet long and even more.

They have the ability to coil around their prey inflicting cardiac arrest or asphyxiation on them.

A guinea pig will have no chance if faced with a snake such as this and will be caught without a problem if it gets into their cage.

This is why if you must keep a guinea pig outside, you must be absolutely certain that it is in a snake proof cage so as to protect your piggie from danger.

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